Why should you opt for cGreen?

Buy peace of mind

Do your weeds keep coming back?
No problem! cGreen offers you unlimited service calls.

Get the quality!

At cGreen, we are so confident that you will be satisfied with our results that we allow you to choose your price according to your satisfaction if you renew with us the following year. Yes!

Change provider without any risk

Having your lawn treated shouldn’t be complicated.

You’ve been paying the same price for several years, without ever getting the results you hoped for? No more charlatans!

At cGreen:

  • We invest 2.5x more in our products than your previous supplier.
  • We use golf course quality fertilizer
  • All our packages come with a thorough analysis of your lawn
  • Our team of specialists really takes care of your land
« I've been with the same company for 3 years now, hoping to one day have a beautiful lawn. Plus, every time I called because the dandelions were coming back, nobody would come. With cGreen, I call as many times as I want and I finally have the most beautiful lawn on the street. »

Maxime Tremblay
New client

Psssst! That’s not all!

Who said that having a beautiful lawn was expensive and complicated?


Place your trust in a company well established throughout Quebec and that knows how lawn care works!


Fertilizer application

cGreen only uses golf course quality granular fertilizer.


Weed control

Herbicide application that is safe for the whole family.


Harmful insect treatment

The chinch bug and sod webworm treatment is included in every package.


Lawn aeration

Help your lawn with the best cultivation practice around!


Technician report

A report on the health of your lawn is handed to you at the end of each visit.


Unlimited service calls

You aren’t 100% satisfied with the results? We come back as many times as you want.

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