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Why aren’t you getting the desired results?

Here are a few reasons that can explain why the result of your lawn treatment isn’t living up to your expectations.

Product accessibility

Due to its licence as an environmental horticulture company, cGreen has uses a wide range of professional products available only to companies. Therefore, we have more effective products than those found in department stores.

Up-to-date know-how

The cGreen team is constantly updating its expertise in lawn care by routinely training its staff on the latest technologies and solutions in green spaces. By entrusting us with your lawn treatment, you are choosing a service that uses current techniques and know-how.

Trust our team and finally get results

Choose peace of mind and enjoy the summer season to the fullest

cGreen gives you peace of mind by treating your lawn, applying weed control fertilizer, regardless of whether you’re getting your tan on at the beach or keeping cool in the air conditioning. No, really!


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High quality products

At cGreen, we guarantee our customers the use of products that satisfy the highest requirements in term of quality.


An expertise in green spaces

A team of highly trained, competent, and experienced technicians: the key to effectively maintaining your green spaces.


Unlimited service calls

You aren’t impressed with the results? cGreen takes care of remedying the situation for free.

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